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California Condor #4 "Amigo"California Condor #4 "Amigo"California Condor #4 "Amigo" 3T8A5149California Condor #4 "Amigo" 3T8A5127California Condor #46 "Komada" 3T8A5180California Condor #46 "Komada"  3T8A5145A rare sighting of a family of Cara Cara Falcons near Okeechobee, Florida. Parents and juvenile."You looking at me?"Red Shouldered Hawk Peaceful Waters 4052Red Shouldered Hawk Peaceful Waters 4054IRed Shouldered Hawk Peaceful Waters 4055IMG_4082-EditGreat Horned Owl #1Great Horned Owl #2Great Horned Owl on NestA-low-flying-Great-Egret-_-Smithsonian-Photo-Contest-_-Smithsonian-Magazine20-12-18 blue heron Green Cay20-12-18 green heron Green Cay20-12-18 Hawk Green Cay20-12-18 Hawk2 Green Cay