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Poppies near Antelope ValleyPoppies near Antelope ValleyPoppies in Lancaster-4Poppies near Antelope ValleyPoppies in Lancaster-5Yosemite 3T8A6160Firefall at Yosemite National Park -3T8A6476Bridal Veil Falls Yosemite - 3T8A61303T8A6074Yosemite Falls - 3T8A5936Cluster of Monarch MigrationA rare sighting of a family of Cara Cara Falcons near Okeechobee, Florida. Parents and juvenile.Sebastian Inlet Osprey Looking for a MealOsprey Taking Flight from Water with a FishOsprey Emerging After DiveOsprey Dives for a FishSebastian Inlet Pelican Coming in for a LandingOsprey Heading to Eat its Fresh FishRed Shouldered Hawk Peaceful Waters 4055Red Shouldered Hawk Peaceful Waters 4054